The chairman and bank roller of the academy, Mr. George Ofori, receiving the trophies, appreciated the hard work of the teams, popularly referred to as OnyimeGagla boys.

Mr Ofori appealed to citizens from Ho West, especially the people of Avatime and Hlefi, to continue to support the boys.

Awaiting the new season, Mr Ofori said the team would continue to train hard with motivation from him.

Team Manager, Madam Love Agbalekpor said ”the way forward is that, we will not sleep but train hard and also motivate the boys more by providing the needed items to train with.”

A management members of the academy, Ms Athonia Krapah, said it aimed at producing good players who will play for the various national teams in future.

G.O Sports Academy was formed in 2019 and seeks to unearth young talents in the region and beyond and also to use football as a tool to send boys who do not want to go back to school into the classrooms to become football greats.

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September 16, 2021

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