Formed in 2017, Avatime FC started life in the Volta Region 2018-19 football season, even though football in Ghana then was on hold across board. Despite the break in football, Avatime FC took it upon themselves to play some friendly games which management considered as an opportunity to make their presence and name known in the Ghanaian football landscape.

During these games, Avatime FC beat Vora FC 3-1 at the Avatime Vane Park, to claim the bragging right as being the first team to beat Vora FC after 20 years of absence in the game. Avatime FC also beat Frankadua FC 1:0 in Avatime Amedzofe Park while AvatimeFC lost to Maranatha FC during the restructuring process. Many more matches were also played.

Avatime FC originally played at Avatime Vane Park in a ground share arrangement. But for the 2019/20 football season, the Club moved its ground to Hlefi, to satisfy requirements of the Volta Regional Football Association’s Club Licensing System.The club also moved its training ground from Avatime Biakpa to Hlefi where it now houses most of its players of the AvatimeFC. Meanwhile, G. O. Sports Academy still remains at Avatime Biakpa.

The club operates a first team, known as Avatime FC.This is supported by a football academy called George Ofori Sports Academy (G. O. Sports) that runs under 12 – 16 Youth Teams under the trade name “Onyime Gagla” which means (Strong man Go for Gold).Avatime FC is currently under the management of the former Odarily FC trainer Godwin KuagbelaYeko.

Using football as a catalyst to bring young children back to the classroom and also to make G.O. Sports a household name throughout Ghana and beyond, G.O. Sports has successfully established its second regional presence in Krachi in the Oti region by opening an academy or center. The centre becomes the host for a Juvenile FC as well as a Female Team.

The effort by the G. O. Sports and its success story in establishing its presence in Oti Region attracted the Chiefs and Elders of Krachi Ehiamankyini to donate a 20 acre plot of land to G. O. Sports to establish a permanent sporting centre. The Oti center is currently being managed by Coach Solomon and his Assistant Aziz.

Despite its short presence in the Ghanaian football scene, G. O. Sports aside its presence in the Volta and Oti Regions respectively, has also acquired a football team in Accra and Kumasi the capital towns of the Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions respectively. This means that G.O. Sports is now present in four regions out of sixteen regions in Ghana, a feat yet to be achieved by any FC or Football Academy in the country.

It is the plan of the management that, since Education is the prime focus of G.O. Sports, a vision strongly held by its president who was once a proprietor of Sir George Preparatory school, located in Madina, Accra Ghana, students from Ashanti and Greater Accra regions who would need residential facilities would either be sent to Avatime Biakpa,Hlefi or KrachiEhiamankyini.

About 231 players are currently under the care and management of Avatime FC and G.O. Sports throughout the four regions. It is the desire of G.O. sports to established football academyin all 16 regions in the country.

Avatime FC can be reached through the following mediums;

Website https://gosportsacademygh.com

Emails: avatimefootballclub@gmail.com

Facebook  www.facebook.com/ G.O Sports Academy AvatimeBiakpa

Twitter: @AvatimeFc